Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Warm Weekend Fun!

Paul and I had an opportunity to get away to Vegas for a weekend.
Actually Paul got away earlier but not to play. He had a Dental conference in Vegas during the week and I was able to join him that weekend.
I was a lot of fun. My parents came to watch the kiddies while we were down there.
The weather in Colorado has not been the best so it was nice to finally get some nice warm sunny weather.
It was a quick trip but we played hard going golfing, eating out and watching a Muse concert! I love these guys! They did such an amazing job on their special effects. We were really close to the Video Dj ( I call him that because he was really putting all the effects together instantly with the music and it was incredible what he could do) and boy what a show!

We got upgraded to an executive suite. We had three bathrooms a bar because we drink you know and even our own pool table!

At the Concert!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Recent Family Photo

Our 3 Most Favorite People

Princess Addi

Paul's Creative Skills going to town for Addi's 1'st Birthday

I have decided to re-commit myself to my online diary. I am determined to not be so shamefully overdue on writing again. So I want to just update on what has been happening lately. Here are the top 10 things that have gone on this year.
1. We have bought a new house! This happened in Aug of 09- yes way past due on the fyi. I will post a pic of it as soon as I find one. We still live in Castle Rock the Meadows area still.
2. I am now the primary chorister in my ward. I love it but I hate it because trying to entertain different ages of children every week if very tiring.
3. Paul is now a partner of Almeida and Bell dental in Lone Tree Colorado. He is loving his job and the business is doing great. This also happened much too long ago.
4. Addison had her first birthday. Paul made her a princess cake which turned out super cute. She was truly a princess that day. Addi is also walking now and loves to get into the snacks in our pantry. I actually don't mind because it keeps her entertained.
5. Parker is going to first grade. He had to change schools last year when we moved but he is doing fine and we really love his teacher. She is so sweet to him. He also learned how to ride a bike this year sans the training wheels! Yeah Parker
6. Emmet started preschool last fall and he really loves his teacher Miss Carol and has a little girlfriend name Delaney. Emmet is now 4 and is a little lover. He hugs everyone around him everyday. In fact just today he told us that he was a great lover! I am so afraid for him to hit puberty.
7. I actually watched the Bachelor this season with a Bachelor Party. I am sorry but this show is worse than when it first started. And Jake and Vienna are proof of this!
8. I am currently reading Centennial by James Mitchner and have been reading it all year. This book for some reason is very hard for me to read. It's a thousand pages and very historical. It's all about Colorado so I am determined to finish it if it takes me 10 years to do it! I recently read The Road by Cormac McCarthy and i highly recommend it! Very terrible post apocalyptic book and yet soo good!
9. Paul and I are going to las vegas next week for a Dental Conference/Getaway. We are going to go see Muse and I am super excited.
10. I plan on catching up with all of my long lost blogger friends to see what they are up to as well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome to the World Addison!

Well it's been quite a new year for us! The blog has been deemed a relic of the past these days, However I will try to resurrect it one more time in honor of the latest addition to our family. Addison Ann Bell came into our lives on Jan 30, 09. She was going to be a Feb baby but we pushed her along a little early so we could make sure we had our family in town to help with the kids. And it worked out great! I was induced that Friday and she came six hours later although she came screaming and upset we had made her come early. I really think she was mad because she didn't stop screaming for an hour. Normally our kids calmed down pretty soon after delivery but she had to make her anger known to the world. Any way for those who care about the stats she was 6lb 3 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She is my smallest baby yet and will also be the shrimp in the family. Any worries I had about dating. finding tall jeans and playing for the wnba are now gone. So here are some pics of our little monkey. You'll see these are not in a time sequence because I didn't have time to put them right. But atleast I got some pictures on the blog finally

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well I know it has been way too long since our last post. I am not very good at keeping up with the blog thing. I just get so busy and the blog takes the very very last of my time and so therefore I never get around to it. But earlier tonight I thought about it and realized gosh my blog looks so crappy and I never even got the Halloween pics on! What a blogger loser I am! So now it is more winter presentable and finally some new pics! We had some pictures done of the boys for christmas with santa and themselves. They turned out really cute. While we were there Parker kept quizzing the santa there about if he was the real santa. Their santa was pretty good too at keeping up with all of Parker's questions. He had a real beard and Parker and Emmet pulled on it a few times just to make sure it was the real deal.

So as far as any new news, I am still pregnant and yes it is still a girl. I had another ultra sound which confirmed it. Nothing there! We are gearing up for that as well as getting things done for christmas. We plan on having Paul's family in town for christmas so that should be lots of chaotic fun. I just don't know how to plan meals for 10 people. This will be my first time hosting such a big christmas. I admire women who do this on a regular basis. The boys are super excited about it though. And I am excited to not have christmas this year in a tiny apartment. Yeah! I love having space. Future Dental Graduate friends, your dream of having more space does come true! Anything else. Let's see... Parker and Emmet have been taking swimming and my scardy cat son Parker is finally doing flips in the water and never coming up for air. It is great to see him so confident. I just started them up for more gymnastics for some winter excercise and we are enjoying the snow here so far and sledding at least once a week. For the book lovers I have been reading John Adams by McCollough and loving it. We also have been watching the series as well. I highly reccomend this biography! That's all for right now folks. I think I have written a novel here but it may be awhile until I write again knowing my track record. Have a great Christmas season. We love you all!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a...

Well it's been a long time I know since we updated our blog. But I thought I would put on what we were having finally. You can probably guess what it is and yes we are EXCITED!!
I will have to start thinking in pink now instead of blue. This will be quite a change for a very boy mom. And not just in color schemes, but in rearing as well. I won't have a clue what to do with a girl. But we are just so happy to finally get a girl. Paul was praying hard that I wouldn't jinx us out of having a girl because of my negative attitude. And thank goodness for that! Hopefully I can get going on the blog thing again. Boy life is busy! But no excuses.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guess who's expecting again?

If you hadn't already heard yes we are pregnant again. Sorry we have not posted anything on this yet but as some know we are terrible with the blog. Also I didn't get an ultrasound until later hense the baby that doesn't look like a worm. So we are very excited and also dreading the inevitable. I don't know how I am supposed to take care of three when my two wear me out and drives me nuts already. I am just praying that this is a girl because another boy would have me passed out on the floor. I just don't have the energy I think for another boy! Someone get me a wheelchair!! I know there are moms out there who understand about having multiple active boys and some who have more than two. I have a friend out here who has 4 boys and two are twins and somehow she is still alive and loving her children. My hero! Why can't there be another way to have a girl instead of leaving it up to the x chromosome to make it. My husband's are obviously weak sauce.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Look at this cute little Guy! Is he on his way to Kindergarten?

Parker's School Meadow View Elementary Home of the Wildcats, ROAARR!. Boy am I a crappy photographer. I have me in all these shots!

Parker was so brave because his first day was not the first day for most of his classmates. We moved to an area where they do All year round school and the Track we landed on already had started two weeks prior. I was so nervous for him and I freaked out more then he did. Parker said to me a couple nights before school, " Don't cry because I'm going to have fun at school." We had read a book about Kindergarten where the parents cried and that really got Parker upset. Fortunately another girl started her first day at school the same day and Parker's teacher seems really nice. I'm just waiting for him to boycott school one day and not want to go back. But for the most part he is enjoying school and doing well. He has even made a new friend name Jaden. Children can be so resilient. We move en around and change things up for them without even giving them a choice. It must be so hard on them and for Parker he has had his hard days during this move but overall is doing great.